Why Should You Enroll in a Full time Hifz Program?

Online HIfz Program

Like every other discipline, the Holy Quran is a proper subject which has many topics and ways to study.

It requires complete focus, effort and a particular learning environment to memorize it. Most of the time, people take it lightly and enroll in hifz classes as a side hobby, which is very wrong. In order to learn the complete book of Allah with the proper accent, pronunciation and zero error, it is important to follow or enroll in a full time Hifz program, and give your full attention to it.

A structured intensive online hifz program can be beneficial in many ways and allow you to learn the Holy Book in a proper way, within a specific time frame.

Listed below are some more reasons how full a time plan can be beneficial for your Hifz journey.

It sets up whole routine of the students for Quran memorization

A proper memorization plan provides the routine of everything involved in the learning process. It sets up the day, week, month and yearly plans. This makes it easier for students to define their goals and make efforts to achieve them.

It also defines the timings of every class like tajweed, memorization of verses and revision of the lessons. It breaks down the day with different tasks so it becomes easier for the students to keep up with the routine.

This routine also includes time for other basic necessities too like eating, drinking, sleeping and recreation through fun activities to relax the mind of the Hafiz.

A full-Time Hifz program helps finishing Hifz in a short time

Hifz programs are designed to help Muslims memorize the verses of Allah in an effective way. A person can learn at home too, but it can take a lot of time, as the motivation is not always there or the person gets lazy.

Organized plans for Quran memorization are very helpful in completing the tasks on set time. The daily new lesson and revision goals are set for students. Even the year span of the course is defined, which gives you a clear idea of how much time your learning process will take, so you can manage other things accordingly.

A specific time frame helps you to stay motivated and focused. Although sometimes the time limit can slightly vary depending on your learning ability and attempts to reach your goals.

It has a well-defined revision routine

Revision is also one of the important parts of the learning process. It helps to remember the lessons for a longer time and keep the memorization error free.

A full time Hifz program has a regular revision routine for the students too. It helps them to revise their lessons daily, weekly and monthly. They also conduct tests for the students.

Where the teacher recites one Ayah and the student is expected to recite the following Ayahs. The extensive revision plan makes it possible for the students to learn the Quran in a productive way without mistakes.

It is important to learn the proper Tajweed

To learn something effectively, you need to give it proper time and should have a plan that covers all the aspects of the subject you are learning. Same is the case with the Quran. It has many different elements, all of which are necessary to learn the Quran properly.

Learning the authentic Tajweed and grammar of the Holy Quran can be a little difficult to study without a proper plan of action. As there are many different rules of Tajweed, which take time and constant effort to learn, it is important to follow a course.

A full time Hifz program offers Tajweed and Makharij classes too as they are an essential part of the memorisation. The classes are designed step by step, so that students can have a deep understanding and learn the lessons efficiently before moving on to the next.

It provides professional teachers having an Ijazah

The most important part of the learning process is to have a good teacher, who has a perfect grip over the topic and can explain it to the students with ease.

Similarly, to understand the various rules and regulations of the Holy book, it should be learned with the guidance of a professional teacher, who has a vast knowledge about the Quran.

It is best to find a course that is led by Native Arab Qaris, as they have a better understanding and accent of the Quran. You can identify a genuine teacher by looking at their Ijazah – Quran degree. This degree is given to the Qaris that have completed their Hifz with the best of Tajweed, and it allows them to teach the Holy verses further.

Hifz programs provide reliable Quran teachers that have the knowledge and experience to teach the Quran beneficially.

Students can get the guidance and environment important for learning

A learning friendly environment is important for students to focus on their lessons and avoid distractions.

A hifz plan provides a learning environment where all the students follow the same routine and instructions, so it is easy for them to adjust and peacefully continue their memorization journey without disturbance. Students can get the guidance important for Hifz.

Apart from the education, they get to learn a lot from their surroundings too. They learn discipline and how to conduct themselves. They learn about their religion, how to respect the Holy Book and how to please Allah SWT.

Engaging in different Islamic activities help them gain an in-depth knowledge and polish their skills.


Thus, a Hifz program for full time is the perfect solution for the efficient learning of the Quran, as these programs are inclusive of all the important aspects that are necessary for memorization. They help the student in possible ways to achieve the title of a Hafiz in a short span of time with necessary knowledge.

Keeping all of the above points in mind, start your memorization journey today by enrolling in a full time Hifz program so that you can ensure a great and fruitful learning.

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